Among recent innovations connected with the concept of software-as-a-service, field service management is increasing the value of its market. FSM is a coordinated system for field operations. It allows businesses to dispatch agents, track vehicles, schedule orders, and check job status. It is ideal for contractors, in-home healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, waste-management, and utilities. Basically, any kind of business that runs mobile operations and depends on travel as part of its service. Field service management utilizes advances in smart phone technology, GPS, fast-moving mobile networks, and WI-Fi hot spots to increase connectivity and provide better support. This is beneficial not just for the company, but for clientele as well.

FSM enhances customer service by giving clients an easy way to order and schedule jobs, stay in contact with contractors, and handle payment processing. It also gives companies a better way to optimize travel routes, track drive time, manage inventory, process payments for services rendered, and facilitate role based training. This keeps employees up to date on changing policies, new trends, refined training, and new procedures. FSM optimizes mobile service in ways that boost productivity, performance, and profit.


FSM allows for on-site training to be tailored to the individual being trained. Often times new technology requires new procedures, and businesses using FSM can facilitate the necessary training for such procedures on the spot. Not to mention the software used can even guide workers through more complex procedures. FSM apps can also pinpoint employee weaknesses and strengths. If a certain employee excels in one area but struggles in the other, training can be implemented to bolster their skills. All without the employee having to be recalled. It can be implemented in the field with supervisors watching. This leads to stronger, more capable employees, and insures that a business will always be up to date. It also is beneficial for policies and regulations, insuring that said company is always in compliance.


Field services management is only as good as the software being implemented. Naturally, there is more than one company out there offering FSM software. It is always important to research the software and make sure that it fits the individual business using it. Field service is primarily a mobile enterprise. by nature. Business that use it are on the go. Their employees travel for deliveries or do in home service for customers. So tech used for such situations needs to be mobile. Travel ready tech allows orders, completions, request, and notifications to be made from a mobile device, instead of having to trek back to the office. This means looking for FSM software that can be used on tablets and smartphones. This way employees can update job status, obtain a customer’s digital signature, and even print invoices through the use of a mobile printer.

Access to core systems is another paramount feature. This allows information to be updated and accurate. Any changes that are made in the central system of the company, needs to be able to update into the mobile devices being used.