There are several vulnerabilities in many top sites. Writing great vulnerability reports can be an uphill task especially if you are new in the niche or you don’t have the relevant knowledge and expertise. A well written reports will play a major role as you strive to succeed. When writing the report, you need to sell your service and let program owners know that they can count on you and that their security is guaranteed. Here is a few tips on how to write a great vulnerability report.

Prepare Well Before You Test

It is very important to be professional and understand what the business’s objectives goals and objectives are. A successful person will have to understand what the business is looking for. As a starter, read through the program scope as well as rule of engagement carefully. This is important to begin with before starting research to avoid a scenario where you are told that the report is out of scope. Companies like Cobalt recommend taking your time and getting it right from the beginning. If you have any questions about the scope, you will want to contact the curator or program owner by email.

Write a Great Report

It is time to draft a good report based on your findings after some good research. Here is a guideline on how to do that. Title of the vulnerability: Make the vulnerability clear in the title. You should strive to avoid writing show-off titles. Keep in mind the fact that the title is the first thing a program owner will see and get the impression of you. Description: This part must be short, concise, clear, direct and precise. Program owners would not like going through a lot of material. One way to draft the description part is through giving relevant references/links that can help in understanding, identifying as well as fixing the report. You also don’t want to copy paste content from automated tools as well as other sources into the description. Proof-of-concept: It is advisable to treat the program owner or recipient as a newbie in the proof-of-concept part. You should see to it that you give a step-by-step procedure on how to replicate the vulnerability. Criticality assessment: You could describe how a user can exploit the vulnerability you found to give the program owner an idea about criticality. Describe in detail how a malicious user can exploit the vulnerability to make the company and its clients lose. Tools: Share the tools you used including browsers to find the vulnerability with the program owner. Attachments: Your report will be more engaging and valuable if you add some screenshots, audio or videos.


Suggested Solutions

You will also want to give program owners clear solutions for the problems they are facing. The solution should come with a detailed description to give the program owner an idea on how to fix the vulnerability. You should not hesitate to leave a comment when you are looking for clarification on the report. Bottom line, you should strive to show the program owners that researchers are working tirelessly with them against the bad guys. It calls for professionalism and great report writing services to establish great relationships with program owners.