The goal behind computer based AI has always been to render it indistinguishable from human behavior. This is why in the world of chatbots one finds delightful little experiments where AI converses to AI. What occurs are mock conversations that sound like the playground chatter of third graders. Either that or the conversations turned to overemotional declarations that increase exponentially in the severity of the emotion present. Although AI has no inkling of the true meaning of such emotion, human beings do which is why such conversations can be freighting. One this is for sure, AI technology is more present than ever and it will only evolve.

This is not to say that present AI outfitted on smartphones, modern laptops/desktops, and tablets can verifiable pass the Turing test. They are still far away from that. But the scope of what they can do, and what they can manage is extending past playing someone’s favorite song off their playlist.

Present AI

Pretty much every electronic device containing smart technology has a factory set AI. These AIs go by different names, but all serve the same purpose. They are virtual assistants offering voice activated service for menial tasks. They perform searches, provide hands free use, play music from playlists, and even interact with other software. Their primary function is convenience, offering ease of access for users. At this point they are programmed to respond to a set number of commands, each command bringing its own programmed response. This type of AI has been around for years, primarily used in customer service. The AI is the first thing to greet customers, allowing ones with a smaller requirement to get instant satisfaction, to clear up airtime for human operators. The goal is to increase the responses and advance the AI to a point where it functions on a more human level.

Chatbot Framework

Chatbot framework is the programming that enhances AI. Traditional AI follows a set number of prompts, prompts that it shares with users, so they know what to say. More advanced AI has a larger set of prompts. This is the AI that functions more like a person, even to the point that it has humorous responses to certain prompts. These systems are the ones that can actually talk to other software. Programmers that use Chatbot framework build the bots from the ground up. They create the structure and stretch the command list. Other programmers use a chatbox platform to develop bots without the use of coding.

Major technological companies use Chatbot software to enhance their services because they recognize the value in functional AI. It is not to the point where human interaction is available, but it can run a system for users. Hands free activation is a wonderful technological advancement that offers great benefit to users. If having a personal virtual assistant is all that can be had from AI at present it is enough. Someday in the future that AI may be able to talk back, but at present being a good listener is all that is needed.