For a very long time in the history of technology, business owners have been using Microsoft SharePoint to manage and share information around the organizations. This has been very useful among these organizations because the transfer of data and information had been made easy and efficient by the application. However, with the advancement in technology, people began to feel that the SharePoint was quite expensive and they required some alternatives that could perform the same functionalities of the SharePoint but would be less costly. The other challenge that they faced with the use of SharePoint was the lack of compatibility with other applications other than the office 365. Therefore, the gurus in the information technology sector invented some applications that performed the same role as the original application but had some upper hand regarding the complexity and the compatibility.

Some of the best sharepoint alternatives that were developed included the Google Drive for business, Box for business, the process street, and many others. All of these alternatives were developed as an advancement to each other, all of them having an enhanced performance than the previous. Currently, there is a multitude of SharePoint alternatives from which business owners have to choose to ensure that they get the best that would suit their business requirements. However, all of them have different features and levels of superiority. Therefore, the merchants need to be very cautious whenever they are purchasing them so that they can ensure that they get the one that would perfectly suit their needs and those of their business. Below are some of the factors that they should consider ensuring that they get the best alternatives for their business:

Size of the Business

The size of the business would dictate the kind of alternative that a business owner would consider purchasing. This is because a small business would require a replacement with different features from those that a large or medium-sized business would need. The cost of the SharePoint alternative would also be different depending on the size of the business and the features that are incorporated in it.


The ease of integration with the applications that are already installed in your computers is also another factor that the business owners should put into consideration. For instance, you would want to make sure that you buy an alternative. And this alternative would need to be that which would integrate easily with the applications that are already installed and being used frequently in the daily activities in the business.


It is also prudent for a business owner to consider the probability of the business growing and the expected growth rate. This would enable them to purchase an application that would grow with their business. From the experts’ point of view, it would be wise if a business owner started small, depending on the size of their business, and later advance the application by adding more features and users as the company grows its needs and requirements.