B2B lead generation may not be something that most individuals know about. But in reality, it actually helps shape what products or trends most people may pick up today. B2B stands for business to business and lead generation is to build a potential customers interest into potentially purchasing a product or service. So, this means B2B leads are going to be found with other businesses instead of customers. Companies that provide B2B with leads will need to really understand the niche or market they are working in. Furthermore, a person interested in B2B sales is someone who usually is more business minded and has goals that are epic in stature compared to most consumers. B2B means a lot more money than a simple B2C or business to customer transaction, so it is a very enticing occupation to get into. Another tool under-utilized with most B2B companies is using social media properly.

Who uses B2B lead generation?

A lot of people who work with B2B sales usually market within an industry and get a lot of leads by word of mouth. According to Jeremy Durant of bopdesign.com (2018),” When asked where B2B marketers are generating leads, the two main sources were Word of Mouth / Referrals and Company Website.” This only leaves two ways of generating leads when there are so many new and creative ways to successfully generate business to business leads. There are companies that will actually sell individuals or other companies business leads that have some interest in a what they are selling. One great company that is well known is Selling Simplified. This is a great website where businesses or individuals can go to purchase business leads making a sales agents job a lot more easy if interested the web address is https://sellingsimplified.com/lead-generation.html. Now, just because there is a website that helps with leads that is still just one part of B2B lead generation. There is a new un tapped market in B2B lead generation and it is social media.

B2B lead Generation and Social Media

Social media is a huge way to connect many individuals around the world with just an electronic device. Social Media can also connect businesses together also. It is worth mentioning that with the use of Facebook pages and other data tracking built into most social media sites; together they have benefitted a lot of businesses with a direct link to its specific customers. According to Marx quoted in the European Business Review (2013),” social media is becoming a real competitive advantage for the (B2B) companies that do it well; the gap is widening between the companies that have been organizing around social media and those that have not.” Now this is not too surprising due to many businesses not taking the time to research and provide more business to business friendly social media accounts. For example, it is easier to sell to an individual customer who will not be spending as much money as a whole business would be. So, in order to be successful on social media selling to other businesses a lot of extensive research will need to be done. But as stated earlier a lot of B2B companies who are using social media are doing a lot better than businesses to business companies that are not.