In the ever-evolving world of technology and social media, it is necessary for educators to tap into the digital resources to ensure their students are equipped with the best possible resources for success. Using a portfolio app has many uses for students, one of which includes organizing and preparing for post-secondary education. The U.S. Department of Education states that students should begin preparing for their post-secondary education or training as early as middle school. Given the magnitude of the decision on what to pursue after high school, along with the processes of choosing a career, identifying a major, and applying for colleges, jobs, and scholarships, the need for an organizational system as well as a convenient mode of communication between educators and families is crucial.

Students need to understand the needed requirements to enter the post-secondary institution of their choice, build their resume to find a job, or earn a scholarship. Using an online tool, students can upload writing samples, certificates of achievement, keep track of volunteer hours or work experience. Building an electronic file throughout a student’s high school career not only eases the tasks of filling out college applications and scholarships, it provides insight into areas of strength and interest, as well as areas in which a student may want to improve. These insights are beneficial in helping a student identify his or her niche, and ultimately shape the student’s post-secondary goals.

Electronic platforms which house post-secondary goals helps ensure that students are re-visiting and re-evaluating those goals. By storing this information electronically, students can share their portfolios with counselors, teachers, and parents who can support and encourage the attainment of these goals. Additionally, using technology allow a method of communication between education staff and families, providing parents an opportunity to see their student’s work, as well as allowing educators to communicate information regarding student progress, informational events, financial aid, and scholarship information and more. Educators are able to effectively communicate with families in a way that is easily accessible and timely.

By utilizing an online sharing site for student use in preparing for their futures, students benefit from the ability to easily and constantly update their portfolio as needed, allowing the student to have access to their information whenever an opportunity arises. Online platforms allow students the opportunity to showcase their unique selves and take ownership into their own education. By allowing students the freedom to develop their electronic site to highlight their strengths, educators are showing an investment in students’ individualized learning. Additionally, encouraging students to use online sharing sites also increases collaboration with others, encourages students to continuously improve their communication skills, and showcases their growth over time, all skills which are a necessity as students leave high school and venture into the workforce. By utilizing technology with students, educators are helping to prepare students to be well-educated, well-informed contributors to society. By having their information organized and showcased in an online site, students are able to better realize and achieve their own personal goals.