It is a pretty daunting task to decide whether to lease a scanner or to make a full purchase. This is especially the case for new companies that are trying to make their brand known. With other expenses on the mix, purchasing or leasing a scanner or printer might or might not be the best option. It will all boil down to the operational needs and the resources that can be spared for this property.

Every company has different needs when it comes to scanners. Some will be using the device for a lot of things while some will only use it when its handy. Others will only need basic functionalities while other firms will need more complex ones. According to a company like Hartford Technology Rentals, options varies from a professional on the go midrange models to high-speed models that capture large amount or documents. To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of leasing a scanner.


There’s is no huge upfront cost. Leasing will only cost you a portion of the purchase price. This will benefit those who only need scanners with basic functionalities and gets the job done. It will only benefit small companies that are just starting out and need to appropriate funds for other things like marketing and product exposure. It is easier on the books because leasing is a kind of expense, it will not need complicated treatments in the books.

The option for the latest units. Because you’re just leasing scanners, you don’t need to be confined with only one unit. If your company needs the latest functionalities of the latest models, you can just stop leasing your old unit and lease another. This is a cheaper and more convenient alternative than purchasing newer units every now and then and reselling your old one.

You can always stop when you no longer need to lease. What if you don’t need a scanner anymore? When you’re leasing, an option to terminate a contract is available. If your unit malfunctioned, the leasing company can help you with the software and hardware side of things.


More expensive in the long run. When your company has been using the scanner for a long period of time, the cost of the lease will be more expensive than the initial purchase. You’ll end up paying more than the market value of the scanner.

There are times when a contract is needed. What if a certain unit is only available for a contract? You will be locked in responsibility and that might be a bad thing for the company, especially if you only need a scanner for a short time.

The equipment has been used before. A scanner for rent might have its own secrets. If you’re unlucky enough, you might encounter a unit that works in the first few days but will stop working or deteriorating performance over time. That is why it is recommended to try scanners first before leasing.